Renowned publisher Macmillan have teamed up with 4mediarelations to promote the upcoming releases of top-line books previously and continued this relationship to spread the word of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s ‘The Darkest Dark’.

The book is a children’s tale about over-coming fears and facing adversity to become an astronaut – a very popular future job choice for a lot of children.

Having already developed a strong relationship with both Macmillan as a client and the contacts across the UK that would be interested in this kind of interview, this campaign was very exciting and a joy to work on.

The Campaign

Having already worked on a number of successful Macmillan (and other) children’s book releases, the 4mediarelations Media Team set about getting in touch with the wealth of radio and TV contacts they speak to day-in, day-out.

With specific literary-based shows, lifestyle-driven broadcasts and the general interest appeal of an astronaut having written a children’s book about space, the team filled Chris’ time with both radio and TV appearances.

Chris’ fascinating personal story, combined with his natural speaking and story-telling ability generated some of the most enthralling interviews 4mediarelations have had in their studios.

You can download the full case study HERE.


Coverage Highlights


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