The Challenge

Leading cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown approached Atomik with the aim of devising a campaign that would bring their ‘Pretty Powerful’ make-up range to the widest possible audience, as all proceeds from the range would go to the Dress for Success charity. They wanted to celebrate the empowering quality that cosmetics have ahead of International Women’s Day 2013.

The Approach

Atomik devised a survey which investigated how comfortable and confident women feel in the workplace, and explored the idea that using cosmetics and looking your best can give women the self-assurance to succeed in their careers.

We quizzed over 1,000 women on a range of related subjects, which included everything from their own reasons for wearing make-up in the workplace to whether they think their appearance has helped them secure a deal, a job or a date. The respondents came from a wide range of geographical regions, age groups and professional industries.

The survey results revealed that, to a huge number of women, the way they look is an invaluable confidence-builder in the workplace, which sparked a huge amount of interest from the broadcast press. A radio day, featuring interviews from Dress for Success’s Delyth Lloyd and Cheryl Joannides from Bobbi Brown, and run by 4mediarelations, ensured that the research results reached the maximum audience, providing excellent exposure for the Pretty Powerful range.

The Results

  • Over three quarters if women (77%) think how you look and hold yourself has an impact on how seriously you get taken in the workplace
  • Over half of women (54%) agreed that wearing make-up makes them feel empowered when at work and that it enhances their confidence
  • Campaign was picked-up by 28 radio stations and reached an estimated 16 million listeners


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