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4media group recently worked with McCann Bristol on their ‘Bluffer's Guide to Brexit Campaign’. The campaign consisted of research and broadcast elements in order to highlight how often we Brits attempt to bluff our way through a conversation – from news, wine, sports, politics and everything in between, but particularly Brexit!

Joining us in the studio was Boris Starling, author of ‘Bluffer's Guide to Brexit’ to talk through the research and give us tips on how to bluff our way through any conversation.

The Campaign

According to the research, nearly eight in ten (79%) Brits find themselves having a conversation on a subject they’re clueless on.  Regardless of the fact they may have only read the headline or seen the half-time score, Brits bluff their way through chit-chat because they want to be polite (38%), don’t want to feel left out of the conversation (28%), want to seem knowledgeable (23%), or want to show an interest (54%). 

When it comes to pretending we’re well-versed in what we’re talking about, it’s men that are the worst culprits! Over a quarter of men (28%) admit to talking nonsense and riding by the seat of their pants just because they want to seem knowledgeable, compared to 18% of women, similarly 18% of men want to impress others, compared to 10% of women.  

More than one in three of us (34%) have no idea what is going on with Brexit at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from putting in our two pence worth on what May and Merkel should be doing.  Over three in ten (31%) people just reiterate front page news when talking about Brexit to sound as if they know what they’re talking about.  And perhaps the conversations to avoid the most are the ones with the 12% of Brits who admit to talking about Brexit, despite knowing NOTHING about politics.  


The coverage for the campaign was brilliant with 15 broadcast interviews secured, including Sky News Sunrise, Sky News Radio, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, BBC Radio Nottingham, talkRADIO, BFBS and many more national and regional stations.


Coverage Highlights