4media group are launching their inaugral charity partnership programme. Whether you work for a charity or have one that is close to your heart we want to hear from you. 

By nominating your charity at the link below you can put them forward for one free integrated campaign to boost awareness and potentially donations. Our integrated campaigns constitute research, broadcast and news generation elements to help put that charity in the forefront of people's minds. 

As well as one free project in 2019 we will also support the charity as a company;  hosting and participating in fundraising activities and dontating all proceeds from them to their work. 

The 4media group charity partnership was born out of research we conducted into the nation's involvement with charities, which can be seen below. The data was overwhelmingly positive in terms of active involvement. We hope that by giving our support to the winning charity we can help them capitalise on this goodwill and boost awareness of their good work. 



We surveyed 2,000 members of our in-house panel to find out more about their engagement with charities.


Overall the data shows that we are a giving nation with more than half stating that they support a charity. The data also reveals that animal charities seem to gain the most support, followed closely by children's charities in second and medical charities coming in 3rd place. 

types of charity.png
how we support.png

Cash donations were the preferred method of support, followed by direct debit. Volunteering and fundraising were 3rd and 4th which suggests positive levels of physical support and engagement with charity work.