4media group recently worked with cosmetic giant, Clarins, in conjunction with Men’s Health Week 2018. The campaign consisted of research and broadcast elements in order to promote awareness of the brand and the issues surrounding men’s health.

The campaign was fronted by the comedian, Omid Djalili who was able to not only boost chances of pick up but to also give men a relatable spokesperson to help the relate to the campaign messages.

The Campaign

The research revealed that men began to take pride in their appearance and buy their own clothes and grooming products aged 18 and feel at their best in terms of appearance at 29. This concern for their appearance stops at 42 however, with 74% giving the responsibility of buying clothes and toiletries over to their partners.

Reasons given by those surveyed as to why they stopped caring about their appearance varies from children being their main priority (27%) and careers also get in the way for others (22%). When men do take care of their appearance it is mostly for themselves (43%) or their partner (36%). A fifth (19%) of under-30s admit they want to impress their mum.  

However, things aren’t all bad, as the older men in the survey said that they began feeling better about their appearance later in life. Those men surveyed who were in their fifties admitted they are caring about their appearance again now, while 68% of men in their sixties surveyed have begun taking better care of themselves again in this decade.

These men were prompted to start looking after themselves again because they got fed up with how they looked (39%), and just looking in the mirror one day (38%). 29% were prompted by their partner, 27% were recommended by a doctor or health professional and 24% had a health scare.


The coverage for the campaign was brilliant with 21 broadcast interviews secured, including 11 BBC radio interview, such as BBC Tees, BBC Leeds, BBC Leicester, BBC Nottingham and more, as well as an interview with Talk Sport, Talk Radio, Capital FM Yorkshire, Capital FM North East and more.


Coverage Highlights