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4media group recently worked with Co-op to discuss the the main reasons for erectile dysfunction in the UK. The broadcast day and press sell in followed the news that Britain had become the first country in the world to sell Viagra over the counter in a pharmacy without a prescription.  

Viagra, the little blue pill, that can conquer erectile dysfunction, has been the subject to a lot of stigma since it was discovered 20 years ago, but research from Co-op Pharmacy reveals the condition may have a lot more to do with stress than anything else.

Joining us for the broadcast day was Adrian Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer at Coop Healthcare and celebrity doctor Dr. Hilary Jones. 


Co-op Pharmacy's research revealed that 43% of men aged 18-60 have experienced difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, with stress being the main cause, 60% of men who say they feel stressed most days have erectile difficulties, compared to 23% that rarely feel stressed.

But interestingly, the largest affected age group of men with erectile dysfunction is men in their thirties, with 50% reporting that they have experienced difficulties getting or maintaining an erection.

It seems it's the work/life balance that men in their thirties are attributing to their problems in the bedroom. Nearly half (49%) think stress from work and their personal life is the most likely cause of their problem, with 24% blaming drinking too much alcohol as a main cause.

And it’s taking its toll as nearly 3 in 10 men aged between 30-39 have felt depressed as a result, and over a quarter haven’t spoken to anyone about the issue. In fact it seems erectile dysfunction is a universally taboo subject for men, with 43% of men in their thirties (43%) said they would feel uncomfortable talking to a friend about the problem.


The media team managed to get 34 items of coverage with 10 radio interviews including Sky News and BBC Leicester.

They also landed 24 pieces of news coverage across print and digital publications. The highlights included, the Sun online, the Mirror online and the Daily Mirror.


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