To celebrate the 160th birthday of iconic Italian food purveyors , Cirio, FUEL were tasked with staging a press event featuring their brand ambassador and equally iconic chef, Antonio Carluccio.

By harnessing press contacts across print, online and the food blogging community, the FUEL team crafted an event that truly exhibited the look and feel of the Italian wonder-team.

The Campaign

Celebrating such a milestone for a well-known and loved brand like Cirio required the expertise of 4mediarelations Experiential Team.

Having secured the services of brand ambassador Antonio Carluccio, the most pertinent thing would always be to let him work his magic in his naturaal environment: the kitchen,

Antonio was joined by TV and press journalists as well as bloggers, keen to experience the master’s work first hand.

Having chosen the Good Housekeeping Institute as a venue, the team got to work dressing and fully staging the event before the onslaught of hungry attendees.


Having already forged strong contacts within the food blogging world as well as their well-developed community of TV and press journalists, our media team were quick to highlight exactly who they intended to invite to the event.

In total, the event’s coverage reached over 600,000 individuals via various social media channels and online portals.

You can download the full case study HERE.


Coverage Highlights


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