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4media group recently worked with Andersen Press, in conjunction with the launch of comedian, broadcaster, and novelist, Julian Clary’s new book, “The Bolds in Trouble”. The campaign promoted Julian’s fourth publication of “The Bolds” series, and raised awareness of his upcoming book tour.

The Campaign

Julian Clary’s newest book, “The Bolds in Trouble,” is the fourth in his renowned book series for children.

The stories follow a family of hyenas living in disguise as humans in suburban Teddington – the town Julian himself grew up in. In the 4th book, “The Bolds in Trouble”, life is good for The Bolds family, until the local neighbourhood watch is menaced by a family of urban foxes... can Mr and Mrs Bold take them in and change their ways, or have they met their match?

Julian spoke about the inspiration behind “The Bolds” series, and the underlying message of acceptance and community. The series’ teaches that anyone from anywhere can become a part of society if we are accepting and welcoming.

The campaign discussed Julian’s writing background which started in 1989, with comedies and his autobiography.

The Bolds series has been welcomed by critics as funny and cheeky, with one Guardian commentator even saying he found the series “impossible to put down.”

Julian, along with his illustrator David Roberts, are touring the country for The Bolds throughout the year. This autumn they are due to appear at the Bath Kids Lit Festival and the Cheltenham Literature Festival, with more to be announced.


The coverage for the campaign gained 15 broadcast interviews, including 9 BBC stations. BBC Newcastle, BBC Lancashire, and BBC Sheffield were some, as well as talkRADIO and more on the commercial side.


Coverage Highlights