4media group recently worked with The National Institute for Health Research to promote their push to get more people involved in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are vital to the future of healthcare and can provide the key to ground breaking treatments that could transform the lives of millions of people but numbers are lacking. The campaign included research of 2,000 UK adults, carried out by our in-house research division that not only demonstrated the lack of participation in clinical trials but also a number of misconceptions surrounding them which may explain the why there is such low participation. 

As well as the research, the campaign also included broadcast, news generation and video elements. Joining us for the broadcast day was Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients, Carers and the Public.

The Campaign & Research

More people are needed to join clinical trials and get involved in research after a new survey revealed that only 14% of UK adults have ever taken part in on, despite 85% saying they want to help the NHS find better treatments. 

Two-thirds (66%) of adults incorrectly believe people have to be invited to participate in a clinical trial, whilst 38% mistakenly think all trials involve testing a new drug, 40% do not realise that most hospitals in England undertake trials and 23% incorrectly believe trials are only for people who are ill.

Over half (56%) of adults said concerns about getting a treatment that was not safe or had side effects would stop them from volunteering. But separate data indicate that the overwhelming majority of patients who participate in research have a positive experience (87%) and would be happy to take part in another study (83%).

But patients who have taken part in research report a different experience. In a separate survey, the overwhelming majority of these patients said they had a good experience of participating in research (87%) and would be happy to take part in another study (83%).


The campaign was an huge success with a total of 383 items of coverage, including 19 pieces of radio coverage, 8 pieces of online coverage, 7 pieces of social coverage and 2 pieces of print coverage. The story featured on BBC Breakfast, Sky News Sunrise and ITV News as well as interviews on 12 regional BBC radio stations including BBC Radio Scotland.

The story and video were also published on the BBC News website, inews,, and was also picked up in print by the Daily Mirror and the i.

The client was so pleased with the coverage we secured for the campaign that they created their own infographic showcasing the results, which you can view here.


Coverage Highlights