4media group worked with Phillips Hue to discuss home security and how millions of Brits are making it easier for burglars to gain access to their home. In order to discuss the latest research from the brand, 4media group organised a series of interviews for a broadcast day hosted by TV Presenter and former Detective Constable at the Metropolitan police, Rav Wilding. The campaign was run in conjunction with Home Security Month in October 2018.

The Campaign

The research released by Philips Hue revealed that many Brits aren’t fully investing in the security measures they do have. 60% of have invested in locks on their windows, yet 4 in 10 (40%) admit to not actually using them. Over half of us also fail to lock our garage (56%). And with half-term and holidays on people’s minds, as well as the clocks going backwards and an extra hour of darkness every day, Brits could be risking a lot more this autumn.  

With modern burglars using high-tech equipment, counteracting with our own smart technology might be the best way to keep thieves away. Less than 1 in 10 of those surveyed (9%) go the extra mile to invest in safekeeping technology, such as security cameras – even though it’s been proven time and time again that these are the best deterrents.   In fact respondents in London, one of the regions with the highest crime rate and least amount of green land, are more likely to own a fruit tree than security lighting or a security camera!  

The Results

The broadcast day was very successful with 15 interviews secured including 4 regional BBC stations. You can view the full coverage here.