The Challenge

Tourism Fiji came to Atomik Research with the aim of raising awareness about the sandy island shores of Fiji. To help discover how in need of a holiday Britons are, Atomik Research and Tourism Fiji created The Happiness Report. The report was segmented not only by age, gender and region, but also hair colour to uncover some intriguing results.

The Results

  • A mere 14% of Brits consider themselves very happy in life.
  • Over a third (34%) think life would be miserable if they couldn’t go on holiday, with one out of eight Britons aged 18 – 24 voting sport as the activity they enjoy most whilst away.
  • The findings revealed that blondes are the happiest hair colour in Britain with more than a fifth (21%) saying they are very happy in life compared to 7% of redheads.
  • Further segmentation also revealed that those in the North West, above all other regions, consider money as the foundation to their happiness whereas Scots associate good health as the key to happiness.



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