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4media group recently worked with Transfer Travel on a 'cancelled holidays' campaign which consisted of both research and broadcast elements.

Joining us in the studio to talk about all things travel and cancellation policies are Kash Bhattacharya, a budget travel blogger and value travel expert, and Simon Powell, the CEO of TransferTravel.  

The Campaign

Us Brits love a holiday. Whether it’s a quick trip to Amsterdam or two weeks in Thailand. Year on year, more Brits than ever before are travelling abroad. However, new research has revealed that many Brits are losing huge amounts of money when cancelling their dream holidays because of unforeseen circumstances- and not getting a penny back.  

The research by TransferTravel, a new online market place that allows people to buy and sell unwanted travel, has revealed that despite 75% of Brits making sure they have insurance covering their trips, travel insurance still doesn’t give enough to cover holidaymakers’ plans entirely in case things go wrong. Of those surveyed, more than half (51%) were surprised that they couldn’t claim back the full amount of a cancelled holiday from their insurance provider, with 70% believing that they should have been able to. 

The research also looked into exactly how much people are losing from their cancelled holidays. On average, 30% of people have cancelled holidays that have ended up costing upwards of £2,500 – with the average amount of money lost being £2,400. Reasons such as illness (40%) and family emergencies (26%) came out on top when asked why a holiday had to be cancelled, but insurance clauses only account for whether a cancellation is a personal choice or not, and they allocate money accordingly. And this has had a knock-on effect on most Brits, who sadly find themselves unable to afford their next holiday. 


The coverage for the campaign was brilliant with 20 broadcast interviews secured, including interviews with BBC Tees, BBC Norfolk, North Manchester FM, Capital FM Liverpool, Capital FM North East, and Capital FM Yorkshire and more.


Coverage Highlights