4media group recently worked with Travel Republic on a campaign looking into Brits’ beach holidays, revealing their top 25 beach bugbears and beach bonuses.

The Campaign

An online survey for Travel Republic by Atomik Research was conducted among adults who have been on a beach holiday. The research revealed that 59% of Brits go on a beach holiday abroad at least once a year, with two in three (63%) adults saying they prefer a holiday on the beach over a city break.

A spokesperson from Travel Republic said, “This research has shown that whilst Brit’s enjoy going to the beach, it is far from idyllic, with Brits' facing many annoyances due to sand, overcrowding and lack of facilities.”

Brits’ perfect beach is a constant 25C, comes with free Wi-Fi, has parasols fitted with phone chargers and must be a location that looks good on Instagram. However, the biggest bugbears include litter strewn on the sand, being forced to listen to other people’s music and seagulls swooping to steal their sarnies.

The survey showed that 23% of Millennials aged 25-34 spend five hours updating social media on the beach. Men on average spend twice as long as women on social media when on the beach, with blokes spending two hours updating their profile compared to one hour for girls.


The campaign secured excellent coverage across print and online, including The Daily Mirror, The i, Sunday Mail, Daily Star Sunday and more.



Coverage Highlights