4media group were commissioned by Unilever and Surf to help them promote the brand in conjunction with the start of the university year. The campaign consisted of research and broadcast elements and looked into the readiness of students to fly the nest, with a specific focus on their knowledge of cleaning!

The Broadcast day was fronted by Hannah Morrish from the UK’s biggest university community The Student Room, and Rachel Greene, who leads the Student engagement program at Surf.  

The Campaign

 The research of just over 1000 university students has found that two fifths of prospective students felt under-prepared to leave home.  Only 1 in 5 students knew how to use a washing machine before they headed off to uni- with those from the East Midlands being the least likely to be shown how to use a washing machine by their parents, and Welsh students admitting their parents didn’t help them to do anything at all!  

That might be why many students aren’t especially keen on doing laundry. A quarter of university students (25%) only do their laundry when their clothes look dirty and its Medical students who are the biggest culprits of this (36%) and students in London (32%).  

Surprisingly, Women (48%) are more likely than men (31%) to use the “sniff method”.  

According to the research by Surf, nearly half of students (44%) manage to avoid doing laundry altogether by spraying their clothes with perfume/room spray. Nearly a quarter of students even admit to buying new clothes instead of washing the dirty ones!  

A third (33%) of students have called their parents when they have been unsure on how to wash an item of clothing- with women (39%) more likely to do so than men (26%) and more Drama students (50%) do this over any others.  


The campaign secured widespread broadcast coverage, including interviews on Capital North East and Capital Yorkshire. In total the campaign secured 68 minutes of air time for the brand.


Coverage Highlights