4media group worked with WAHL grooming in order to boost brand awareness and promote their products. The campaign consisted of research, broadcast and news generation elements. Specifically the campaign cantered around the hidden beauty and grooming habits of the UK’s men.

Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director at WAHL fronted the campaign, giving broadcasters and publishers more insight into the findings of the research.

The campaign

The research by WAHL polled over 1,000 men to find out more about their grooming routines. It revealed that the modern man likes to keep himself looking good and enjoys spending money to maintain his looks. But he’s not so open about the fact with his partner, as 38% of men surveyed said they hide their beauty treatments and products from their partner.  

Some of the things they are choosing to keep secret include getting waxed, doing face masks, and buying products such as tanning products, face wash, hair loss treatment and even make up!   

Half of men use moisturiser, 22% use fake tan, a quarter buy anti-ageing products and a quarter keep their beard in check by buying beard oil. In terms of beauty treatments, 19% get their eyebrow waxed, 23% have manicures.  

The research even found that some men are having more beauty and cosmetic treatments than women.   18% of men admitted to having laser hair removal – compared to 13% of women. Shockingly, more than double the amount of men (11%) admitted to having had Botox in their lunch break compared to 6% of women.  

A quarter of men (23%) admitted that their spending has increased in recent years on maintaining their appearance. Reasons given include being more conscious of how they look (35%), wanting to spend more as they age (36%) and 29% said that they feel that it’s become more acceptable nowadays.   


The campaign secured 24 items of coverage across broadcast and news outlets. Coverage highlights included BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Devon, The Daily Mirror, The Sun Online, The Scottish Sun online, Professional Beauty magazine, and more!


Coverage Highlights