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4media group recently worked with Warburtons after their research released during Coeliac UK Awareness Week showed how little we Brits know about coeliac disease and the plight of its sufferers.

Centred on their ‘Free From’ range and joining forces with the charity Coeliac UK, our aim was to break the stigma surrounding the disease and push for more awareness of coeliac disease symptoms so people can get diagnosed earlier and manage their health with a gluten free diet.

Joining us in the studio was Chief Executive Sarah Sleet from Coeliac UK and Free From Director Chris Hook from Warburton’s.

The Campaign

Research reveals that 71% of people with coeliac disease think that people avoid inviting them round for dinner, because they are unsure how to cater for their dietary requirement. And it’s safe to say, they’re not just paranoid - in fact they might be on to something as over a third (34%) of Brits would be discouraged to invite someone with a food allergy or intolerance round for dinner because they wouldn’t know how to cater for them!

The survey also found that 6 in 10 (64%) Brits don’t know the correct definition of coeliac disease. The results showed 37% of people don’t know the symptoms of coeliac disease, whilst 22% of people think coeliac disease is less serious than other diseases that require drug treatment.


The campaign was an amazing success with a total of 13 items of broadcast coverage, including the 3 BBC Radio stations of BBC Scotland, BBC Norfolk and BBC Tees. The campaign also included a spot on Sky News Sunrise.


Coverage Highlights